The FLEXOUT Method: FLEX Foundations Stretching and Mobility Program I

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FLEXibility starts with your dedication to YOU. Let me help you BUILD a STRONG FOUNDATION to stand on...

This program is the FIRST installment of my trilogy of stretching programs and is meant to create a solid foundation of body awareness, balance, strength, mobility,  FLEXibility AND a more positive relationship with YOURSELF. Do this program to re-connect with your body before moving onto my more physically challenging, FLEXOUT Mind+Body Stretching Programs.

This 30-Day Program Includes:

  • 12+ Short Videos (most are less than five minutes)
  • Longer videos where you to put your new skills to WORK and STRETCH 
  • LIVE Instruction in real time (no voice over!)
  • Step by step daily guided program structure 
  • My Personal MASTER List of Nutritional Tips and recommendations for a healthy and womanly figure
  • Move breakdown so you can advance with the proper form
  • Easy to understand instructions for safe stretching and movement
  • 10+ journaling reflection exercises to assist in developing your self awareness and confidence
  • Simple habit building
  • Effective Exercises for flat stomach and elongated looking muscles
  • FAQ 

Walk away with... 

  • Improved balance, stretching and mobility skills and muscles strengthened in the right places so that you can improve your overall flexibility
  • A longer leaner looking body 
  • Invaluable stretching and movement tips and tricks to help you improve your quality of life 
  •  A new outlook on your body
  • More confidence 
  • More self awareness 


This program will DIG DEEP, as I challenge you to turn weaknesses into strengths by strategically identifying them through various reflection exercises. Let's work on developing your self confidence, sis!

If you don't feel like you've gained improved balance, stretching and mobility skills or more confidence after you have done this program, we will give you your money back! (See Refund Policy)